Isshinryu karate involves integrating the mind, body and spirit. Master Shimabuku's code of karate tell how to train and live you life with your "whole heart." Each code is followed by a supplemental thought to help include anything that might have lacked from the translation.



1) A person's heart is the same as heaven and earth .

If a man has a good heart, he has no quarrel. He is in harmony, as is the heaven and the earth.


2) The blood circulating is the same as the moon and the sun .

In the universe, just as every day the moon comes out at night and the sun comes out at day, blood must circulate or existence would be impossible.


3) The manner of drinking and spitting is either hard or soft .

Yin and Yang forces in the universe are opposite. You have to decide whether to take a challenge softly or meet it with full force.


4) A person's balance is the same as weight .

If too big a task is undertaken, the balance is upset and it cannot be handled.


5) The body should be able to change motion at any time .

Life is constantly changing. We have to accommodate to change or else we cannot survive.


6) The time to strike is when the opportunity presents itself .

Do not pass up opportunities. People who get ahead in life spot these opportunities and use them to their advantage.


7) The eye must see every way .

Try to consider the other man's view. New meanings result from different viewpoints.


8) The ear must hear in all directions .

It is impossible to see his view unless you hear his reasons.