Isshinryu Karate is based on 15 basic upper body techniques and 14 lower body basics. These techniques are the fundamentals of Isshinryu Karate from which all other techniques are built off of. It is important to learn these techniques correctly before getting into more advanced moves. Some black belts spend years just perfecting the straight punch. There is a prefix before each upper body basic. These prefixes can be translated as follows: RFF- Right Foot Forwards, LFF- Left Foot Forwards, RFB- Right Foot Back, RFF- Right Foot Forwards, RH- Right Hand, LH- Left Hand.



1. RFF-RH Straight punch solar plexus

2. RFF-RH Uppercut to chin

3. LFF-RH Straight punch solar plexus

4. LFF-RH Uppercut to chin

5. LFB-LH Down block - RH straight punch solar plexus

6. RFB-LH Side block - RH straight punch solar plexus

7. RFB-LH Open side block - RH nukite solar plexus

8. RFB-LH Open head block - RH uppercut to chin

9. RFB-LH Head block - RH straight punch solar plexus

10. RFB-LH Head block - LH snap nose - RH straight punch solar plexus

11. RFB-LH Down block - 5 straight punches solar plexus

12. RFB-LH Side block - 5 straight punches solar plexus

13. RFB-LH Open down block - RH open shuto to neck

14. RFB-LH Open palm chest block - double roundhouse punches

15. RFB cat stance - hip strike - elbow strike - head block



1. Front snap kick

2. Angle kick

3. Cross over heel stomp kick to knee

4. Side kick

5. Front snap kick from cat stance

6. Side squat front kick

7. Front thrust kick

8. Knee kick

9. Back kick

10. Roundhouse kick

11. Crescent & reverse crescent kick

12. Hook kick

13. Jump front kick

14. Spinning back kick



1. Shuffle in side block, straight punch

2. Shuffle in down block, uppercut to ribs

3. Shuffle in open hand side block, shuto to head or neck

4. Shuffle in side block, nukite to throat

5. Shuffle in cross block, backfist

6. Shuffle in head block, ridge hand to groin