1. Where does the Klub meet?

We meet Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the Armory basement. If you go to the front desk of the Mueller Center, they can direct you on how to get to the Armory Basement.

2. When does the Klub meet?

The IKK meets from 6:00 - 8:00 PM. Class officially starts at 6:30 PM, but  practitioners come early to practice their kata(s) and warm up.

3. Do I need to have any experience in martial arts to join the IKK?

Not at all! Sensei Rimmer has been teaching students of all experience levels for quite some time and all of the upper ranks are glad to help out. You will find that you quickly get acclimated to the environment of the dojo and will look forward to coming to class. If you join as a freshman, you can obtain a black belt by your senior year at RPI.

4. Do I need to be a student at RPI to join the klub?

No - anyone can join, whether you are faculty, student, or simply an outsider.

5. Do I need a uniform?

You will eventually need one and Sensei Rimmer can easily obtain one for you for a discounted price.

6. Do I need protection such as foot and hand guards?

For sparring, yes. Males will also require a cup. There are club pads available for use, but most students like to eventually buy their own. Again, Sensei Rimmer can get these for you.

7. How do you move up in rank?

Rank advancement tests are held at the end of each semester. The test consists of a history review, basics, kata, and sparring.

8. What makes Isshinryu different from all the other martial arts clubs on campus?

Each martial arts club on campus has it's different strengths. What makes the IKK special is that we teach you a lot of different techniques from various styles. Of course, the main focus is on Isshinryu itself, which teaches you how to fight in real life (where fancy, sweeping moves are not always useful). Look on our promotion history page for greater details in the various belt perspectives.

9. What does Klub membership cost?

Yes, there is an activity fee which is set by the Student Union. As of November 2012, it is $100. This may sound steep, but when you compare the cost of an outside school (some of which are not even the caliber of the instruction you will get here), $100 is incredibly inexpensive. Most outside schools charge that much for a month - the IKK provides you with 3 months of instruction for that price. Your first class is free, however, so feel free to stop by and give it a try! Make sure to wear something that is easy to move in (shorts and a t-shirt are fine).

10. You didn't answer my question!

Feel free to e-mail us at ikkofficers@union.rpi.edu