Patch designed by Don Nash and currently in use by the New Jersey Isshinryu Dojos

The RPI IKK is a student run chapter of the national Isshinryu Karate Klub. We have a very unique club that has been shaped by members, past and present, and by the heritage of great Isshinryu Karate masters whose forms and techniques have been passed down through the IKK. Isshinryu Karate is a very fulfilling activity, but requires a lot of dedication. To best inform you of our club we will give you an introduction to the national Isshinryu Karate Klub, an overview of the RPI chapter, and the class structure, and other activities that we participate in. Our main objective is to share this experience with all those who want to learn and have fun doing it.

The Isshinryu Karate Klub

The Isshinryu Karate Klub is a national foundation that was established in 1970 by Shihan Don Nash, an 8th degree black belt from New Jersey. Shihan Nash was putting up an advertisement on a sign outside his dojo (school) for his newly found Isshinryu Karate Club when he found out that he could not fit the word Club on the end. Being very resourceful, Shihan Don Nash found that if he substituted a K in the C's place, it took up less space and he could fit the entire word. Isshinryu Karate Klub has been spelled this way ever since.

The RPI Chapter

The RPI chapter of the Isshinryu Karate Klub was established in 1981 by Sensei Flemming. Sensei Flemming was head instructor until 1988 when he promoted Iwan Axt and Paul Rimmer to Sensei. Upon Sensei Axt's departure, Sensei Rimmer took over as instructor for the RPI IKK. Sensei Rimmer is a Roku-Dan (7th Degree Black Belt) with a Renshi certificate and has been involved in Isshinryu Karate for many years. He started Isshinryu training in the Fall of 1978 in Buffalo. Sensei Rimmer teaches the classes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights as well as putting on self defense seminars for public safety, and the general public. He is a very dedicated instructor, and looks to pass down his valuable knowledge and experiences that he has collected over the years to his students. In the picture to the left, you see Sensei Rimmer standing in front of the Isshinryu Karate Klub bulletin board in the basement of the Armory.


What is a typical class like?

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday night at 6:00, the RPI IKK meets in basement of the Armory. We usually begin the evening by stretching out and practicing our kata (karate forms) on our own. At approximately 6:30 we rei  "ray" (bow) in to the instructor, which is when the official class begins. We spend about 15 minutes going through calisthenics to stretch out our muscles and get warmed up, and then we do lower and upper body basics. For more information on the basics, please visit the Isshinryu Basics page. The calisthenics and basics are the most intense part of the class, and you learn to focus your mind and body to complete the techniques correctly, even when your body is exhausted. The rest of the class is spent on advanced technique topics. Some of the advanced topics we go over are:

Kata Review
Ukime (Take Downs)
Kumite (Sparring)
Kata Bunkai (body mechanics/explanation)
Ippon Kumite
Reflex Blocking
Tuite Kime (Nerve Strikes)
Circle Randori
Kubudo (Weapons)
Miscellaneous Advanced Topics

Other Activities:

There are many other activities that we participate in as a club. Twice a year a number of members from the club take a trip down to New Jersey to train at other Isshinryu dojo's. Training with other Isshinryu dojos allows us to compare forms, make corrections to our basics, and learn from each other. Finally, at the end of the year we have an awards banquet to honor members who put in exceptional effort and excel in particular areas of Isshinryu Karate. Below are some images from previous events:

Eric Pratt & Sensei Rimmer Jeff Leveque & Sensei Rimmer Fall Awards Banquet ()

A Karate Ka with Tournament Awards Don Nagle @ an A.J.A Seminar in Tinton Falls Bo Kata at Camp Pendelton