Ippon Kumites

All drills of this type start with right foot forward right hand punch or left foot forward left hand punch.




a. side block punch groin, punch ribs, punch face.


b. palm block, back hand block, heel palm face, reverse punch


c. open hand back hand block, rake face, straight fingers to the eyes


d. open hand block, grab throat, reverse hand nose bop


e. cross palm block, reverse elbow to the head


f. cross palm block, elbow ribs, backfist face


g. open hand side block, cat stance back, front kick, reverse punch




a. palm block, backhand block, ridge hand strike neck


b. palm block backhand block, punch temple, punch ribs


c. palm block backhand block, cat stance, front kick, reverse punch


d. palm block, squating to the side round house kick


e. palm block, backhand block, feet together, side kick


f. palm block, backhand block, palm strike head, palm strike ribs (wa-uke)